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I have been fond of playing chess since I was 10 years old. During my school and club years, I participated in over-the-board chess tournaments. Currently, I am solely playing online chess and have been a member of Lichess.org for a while.

I am determined to improve my chess skills through various means, even without having a personal coach.


Homebot is my username on Lichess.org. Make friends online or challenge me to a game of chess.

Besides my passion for playing chess, I am a serious electronic hobbyist and IOT is a great interest of mine.



www.chemcoolchess.co.za (Here you can also add your own chess articles)




Three years of study after matric: Electronics, Logic systems, Mathematics, Supervision, and radio communication.


National Diploma in Electronics

Pro Rata medal certification

Senior Signal Officer SANDF

NQ5 Financial Planning

Franchise Owner: Web design and Cloud Backup Systems.


Web design: Small Business Owners

E-commerce (online shops)

Blog Management